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Transformational Music and “Vitamin V”

Transformational Music - The Music of Transformation

Intentional Music: use music to consciously modify your moods and energy patterns

Music as Medicine: using music to affect whatever ails you. You can approach this as preventative medicine (using music and sound to maintain balance and wellness in your mind, body, spirit) OR as one tool in your collection of remedies* for whatever ails you. 
(*vitamins, herbs, supplements, Chinese Medicine, nutritional therapy, psycho-spritual counseling, biofeedback, energy medicine, pharmaceuticals, acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, massage and other bodywork, and now Music as Medicine - AKA “Transformational Music”)

Vitamin V

Vitamin V is the growing collection of music by Valerie Romanoff, designed to affect and stimulate different types of moods and healing affects in your mind, body, spirit.
The spectrum of Vitamin V is divided into three usable categories: Still, Chill and Thrill.

“Get STILL” - These musical pieces and soundscapes are designed to accompany you on your inner journey; stillness on the surface yet approaching the magical depths within. This music might be used for massage, meditation, reiki, acupuncture and other healing modalities, and as an aid to sleep, rest and relaxation. Tibetan bells, crystal singing bowls affect our brainwaves and lay the groundwork for deep relaxation.

“Enjoy a CHILL” -  The vibrations of harmony, melody and rhythm stimulate our energy centers (chakras), and creates a flow of “life-force” throughout our entire being. The musical selections in this category offer a flavorful pulse with which to activate our “chi” and carry us through the activities of our life. To use while doing yoga, as a backdrop while working, as a soundtrack in your home, whilst driving, during intimate gatherings, while being in nature, and to inspire creativity at any time, the “chill” segment offers vitality while simultaneously soothing the spirit.

“Find a THRILL” – Excitement, exuberance and energy are inspired when we rev up the beat!  These selections accompany and carry us on the fast track. We have rested, journeyed inwards, walked in rhythm throughout our day, and now it is time to let loose and let go! Whether we celebrate life by dancing, singing, partying with friends, the “Thrill” music innervates and empowers the potential of who we truly are.

Testimonial from Dr. Mark Filippi:

“Both of Valerie Romanoff’s CD’s have been getting steady ‘air play’ here at Soma Space in Larchmont for months now. The best part of this “Vitamin V” stuff is that the songs are like an energetic xylophone that I can use to help clients get STILL, enjoy a CHILL, or find a THRILL vibe while we work on the table. I smile when I think of people finally tossing out that tired Enya stuff and letting Val’s tracks dance on their nerves. So whether you’re jet lagged, henpecked or just another poor sap stuck commuting to and from NYC, play this stuff & get a positive push!”

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