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Tao Porchon-Lynch and Valerie Romanoff

Tao and I have been friends for over 20 years. We first shared the stage when I asked her to be a part of my CD Release Show for my first album “Healing Music for Massage, Meditation and Transformation” in 2009.

Tao was using this music daily in her Yoga classes, and had traveled to Sedona, Arizona and recited her poetry along with a live presentation of the music. Tao is known and loved for the energy and exuberance she brings to all 93 years of her life,  for her inspirational yoga workshops, and her infamous guided meditations, savasanas.  Last August. Tao said she was preparing to publish a book of her poetry and she asked me to compose music to include on an accompanying CD. We began this project as a birthday present to ourselves and each other; we chose four pieces and recorded Tao reciting her beautiful words. Over the next months I composed and recorded music to underscore and highlight these most precious guided meditations and monologues. We also agreed to include a few instrumental music as well.

Tao’s book Reflections: The Yogic Journey of Life is indeed a celebration of her life, her Yoga, her spiritual connection, and her students. It has been an enlightening experience creating music to join with Tao’s magical words. I am so very grateful to Tao for including me on this project, and for being such a great supporter of my “transformational music” projects.

My approach to this album was to create a subtle musical atmosphere for Tao’s voice to float in. The sounds were to be in the background, and to be “felt” rather than “listened to.” My goal was to provide a dreamy and ethereal arena to inspire each listener to find their own magical inner place while they either received Tao’s words or experienced their own stillness.  During the process I also began composing music specifically designed for the practice of yoga, which will be available soon on a subsequent album, and will be featured in a film that Tao is producing on the birth of yoga.

I am delighted to present this CD as an introduction to the experience of “Vitamin V”, which is a full spectrum of music that enhances and illuminates our journey into the world we’re in and the world within.

Buy the book: Reflections: The Yogic Journey of Life.

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