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Reviews of “Healing Music for Massage, Meditation and Transformation”

This July, I took a Facebook Ad and advertised my CD, “Healing Music for Massage, Meditation and Transformation.”  By the end of August I had 4700 fans and have sold quite a few CDs.  Below are comments and reviews I received in the past few months, from Itunes and on various webpages.  Aside from several people, I do not know any of the below reviewers.

Keith Campbell: This is one of my favorite albums to end my day with - It’s excellent and soothing!

Sonya M Neff: Hello Valerie, I received my CD last Saturday and have played it for my clients massage sessions all week. Everyone loves the music. I have even had it playing in the kitchen while I am cooking and cleaning. I know I’m not relaxing when I am working but it seems to just make me happy & more at peace while I am working. Thank you so much. ~♥~

Deb Shapiro: Excellent album to accompany my Reiki; a few songs are reminiscent of Kay Gardner (beginning of Beloved Friend has some excellent flute). There are a number of songs that I use to raise my energy; Ebudae by Enya is one and now Whisper by Valerie Romanoff is the other.

Shawn Neal: It is an awesome CD!

Kati Coates-Stratis: Valerie, I absolutely Love, love, love the CD I got from you. It is GREAT !!!!!!!  I disappear into my meditation room, listen to that and feel so peaceful. AND my massage therapist loves his CD that I got for him thru you also…....U R sooo talented !! You are wonderful and sooooo talented !!!! You ARE creative, patient AND loved !!!!!
Cindy Black: I have been listening to this album to relax my mind- it’s working! I also play it for patients during massage and acupuncture sessions- the music adds another great element to their healing experience. I know this album just came out, but I’m already anticipating her next one!

Jim Hedin: Got your cd and love it,  Great for meditation

Tracy Kasper Houchins: I’ve been playing it in the reception area at my wellness studio, Sacred Healing Hands - sooooo aaahhhhhh

Jeff Weber: So soothing and spiritual.

Eva Aiken Valerie: ~ just want to say I LOVE ♥ LOVE this CD! I keep playing it over and over again. Thank you soooo much. It’s my kind of peaceful music! You are a blessing….. ♥

Cheryl G Hale Beautiful!

Ammi Stars: The Healing Music by Valerie Romanoff is absolutely lovely!!!!!! I bought it and am very pleased with it. Am going through the grieving process myself and this is helping me lots. If you haven’t heard it, please listen to the samples. They are gorgeous!!!! Thank you, Valerie for composing this music!!!!

Dee Baum: Just bought both CDs for a friend of mine who is studying to be a massage therapist. Here in Arizona, they must go to school and be licensed so it’s no small undertaking. Hopefully, this music will help her and her clients.

Andrea Butje Such a beautiful CD! I highly recommend it!

Angela Cardon:a Que agradable sensacion de Paz y armonia tu Musica! Gracias

Silvana Sings: Congrats. Your music helps us all relax during a stressful workday!

Lisa Gullick: I have it and my clients love it. Great job on it Valerie

Carol Barone: love your cd when doing yoga. thank you

Hope Cramer: Valerie, I bought your Healing Music CD while in Sedona not long ago. I’ve found it very helpful for sleep. I’ve never heard the entire CD because I fall asleep before it ends LOL! One of these days I’ll listen to it during the day…the whole thing smile It’s beautiful and relaxing smile

Kathy DiAntonio: Your music couldn’t be more appropriate!! Love it… love it!

Shari Salamon: This was a splendid way to gift myself peaceful moments and soothing joys of music that just rezinates a zone you should give to yourself once a day. Take the plunge and buy a gift for “YOU”

Kathy DiAntonio: I believe I just found Heaven in this wonderfully beautiful music… it’s so relaxing.. simply beautiful; almost over-powers you with complete calmness. the different music is simply awesome. I feel the urge for a hot bath and massage!

Essud Fungcap: Hi Valerie, Wonderful CD, I have been using your CD for my Yoga and Tai Chi classes since I bought it back in January of this year and it has been a delight to listen too, as well as a great tool for connecting, relaxing and meditating. Thank you again for bringing wonderful creative music and sounds to our ears. Peace and Light!


Gail Mayer: Hello Valerie, i listen to your cd everyday. when i get to the song bird song at dawn, i enter into calm. words can not describe it, i wish they could. i bought another cd for my friend who is a massage therapist. i know she will love it. thank you.

Kim Rice: Beautiful. We need so much more of this - healing music and helpful words - in the world today. Keep sharing!

Gail Mayer valerie, i received your cd about a week ago. i absolutly love it!!! i play it for me, i play it for my dogs.

Mark Filippi: Both of Val’s CD’s have been getting steady ‘air play’ here at Soma Space in Larchmont for months now. The best part of this “Vitamin V” stuff is that the songs are like an energetic xylophone that I can use to help clients get STILL, enjoy a CHILL, or find a THRILL vibe while we work on the table. I smile when I think of people finally tossing out that tired Enya stuff and letting Val’s tracks dance on their nerves. So whether you’re jet lagged, henpecked or just another poor sap stuck commuting to and from NYC, play this stuff & get a positive push!
Sharon Lasitter What gorgeous music…thank you so much!

Catherine Normandin Ayles: so happy I found this on my quest to finding inner peace

Anne Boddin beautiful

Maryanne Righi: Wow what an awesome CD! The music IS healing.
I’m into it. I’m a drummer, percussionist and musician in general. I LOVE drumming and anticipate using drum therapy as part of my healing business.
Isn’t it awesome how music is not being recognized as one of the main tools and/or therapies for healing of body, soul and mind?

Tao Porchon-Lynch: I think this music is one of the most beautiful for relaxation and also for doing yoga postures. All of my students love it.

Andrea Lozada: I love this album! Whether I’m meditating or steaming my clothes, I just love listening to it!

Sharon Deavers: this kind of music lifts you’r spirit and heals pain within .this music touches so many lives each day i’m a fan ........

Regina Stark: I love your music i am a yoga instructor and an expressive art teacher I plan on using your music in my classes and for Reiki as well.Thank you and Namaste namaste

Lydia Martin: love this music

Laurel Ann Browne: Beautiful and much needed with all the stress in our life at this time.

Dee Langshaw Cairo:  Love your Heaing Music, Valerie…we are blessed by the fact that “you” followed your dream and use your gifts! Blessings Always!

Carol Barone: love your music Valerie sooo relaxing smile

Priscilla S. Broughton: I loved it. I will also recommend it to my friends that love lite-jazz. You are Awesome!

Alvarado Madalyn: Finally! some new healing music. I am a Reiki Master doing God’s work and the background music is so much a part of the experience. Beautiful

Chris Taylo:r Beautiful!!

Anne Boddin: Beautiful, very peaceful and nurturing music.

Ann Or:r This music is beautiful—very healing and soothing.

Tamara Reeves: Beautiful. Getting for yoga flow & my massage therapist soon!


Dear Valerie,
It was a pleasure meeting you at Mii Amo in the Aqua flow class!
I really loved hearing the beautiful and relaxing CD you put together and it was PERFECT for the Restorative Yoga class.  I felt inspired with the different chants and instruments that you included. 
Thank you so much for the CD and I look forward to playing it often.
Good luck and blessings on your musical path.
Wendy Lindahl, M.A.
Consultant/Yoga and Wellness Instructor

I wanted to share with you that on Saturday I listened to your CD and I loved it! I was having “one of those day’s” feeling very overwhelmed with life, running around checking my “to do” list off one by one when suddenly I saw your CD sitting in my purse and decided to pop it in. Well, the next thing I knew I was driving around aimlessly and found myself in a very relaxed state. Suddenly my TO DO list wasn’t all that important anymore. Thank you for sharing this with me!

Dee Baum: The friend that I bought both CDs for is loving them and starting to work on playlists for different modalities.

Natalie Lucero: I have the CD Ringing of the Tibetan Bells and also Crystal Singing Bowls
I love it and listen to it when I meditate. I would like to purchase “Whisper” next.

Robin Clark: I am currently a college student, studying for a Bachelors in Psychology, one yr. in and I have learned so much already,,,this music would be a more positive alternative to psychopharmacology methods for patients, holistic type therapy is a great tool to utilize, and no bad side effects to be anxious about.
This would definitely aid the client in achieving a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, for sensitive therapy sessions, where stress and insecurities may develop. what a beautiful gift to have inside, and be able to share it with the rest of the world.

Tammy Gustafson VanDerbur: I really like this, very calm and soothing….

Richard Putz: Different but soothing>>>>>>

Umm Aziza Jamila:  Wonderful music..beautiful songs…this is a great series of sounds.
thank you.

Corinna Perkins: You had me at listen…

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