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Healing Music - For Massage, Meditation and Transformation

This healing music is created for massage, relaxation, tablework, yoga, acupuncture, meditation, resting, sleeping, painting, cooking, loving or any joyful activity. The intent of this album is to help create a peaceful and loving space, and to assist in the opening and deepening of our individual experiences.

There are 45 minutes of music; comprised of the following selections…

  1. Whisper- Tibetan bells open the album, opening the chakras and calling forth specific energies for healing and relaxation. Crystal singing bowls work on our brain waves and help bring us into a deeper state (4:11)
  2. Moon, Stars and Om- Peaceful music with light chanting “Om” and “Om Nama Shivayah” (6:45)
  3. Bird Song at Dawn- A duet between acoustic guitar and live bird song (7:19)
  4. Beloved Friend- This piece was conceived in the majestic mountains of Sedona, Arizona (7:32)
  5. Shalmana’s Song- Amongst world instruments, layers of harmonics and soothing sounds, Shalmana visits from afar (10:29)
  6. Prelude and Beyond- An epic journey through melody and rhythm, inspired by an Abraham workshop with Esther and Jerry Hicks (6:47)
  7. Looking Glass- The album closes with a bridge back to full consciousness, with an Eastern flair (3:17)


  • Valerie Romanoff - electric and acoustic guitars, bass, keyboard and synth, dulcimer, crystal singing bowl, Tibetan bells, Native American flute, trumpet, vocal chanting.

Featuring the work of

  • Daniel Paul- tabla
  • Anthony Aiello- flute, soprano sax
  • Tom Rossi- bansuri flute
  • Debra Barsha, Doug Guttenberg, Tom Rossi – chanting on “Moon, Stars, Om”

Produced by Valerie Romanoff
Mixed and Mastered by Tom Rossi
All songs written by Valerie Romanoff

MY DEEPEST THANKS for endless love and support to Amy Hausman, Joy Guttenberg, Doug Guttenberg, Sheryl and Jerry Romanof.

THANKS to my special friends who have helped me with this album or given me inspiration along the way: Pat Snow Krause, Susan Miller, Sarah Tolar, Debra Barsha, Alex Salzman, Anthony Aiello, Daniel Paul, Jai Uttal, Jaya Lakshmi, Rahansia Ben-Mejuri, Linc Chamberland, Tao Porchon Lynch, Patti Greenberg, Shalmana, the entire Romanoff Family, the entire Starlight family, Black and Butje, Cyn and Mart, Crispy, Mark Filippi, Sarah Scott, Laurell Eastman, Rebecca Blake, Claudia Wigent, Lauren Goldman, Maria Devitt, Dennis Vera, Chioma Eze, Lou Mannarino, Plamen Dobrev, Bernard Brim, Barbara Oakes, Valerie Smaldone.

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